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In May of 2017, I earned a doctorate in Education with a focus on Leadership and Educational Technology. My dissertation examined the impact of delivering instructor provided content using synchronous technologies in an effort to cultivate students’ sense of classroom community.   I have spent the last eight years as an educator teaching classes related to Public Relations, Media and Literacy, Research, Banner Advertising and Data Analysis, Social Media Optimization as part of the Internet Marketing degree programs at Full Sail University. I have also taught: Introduction to Management, Organizational Behavior and Leadership, Business Ethics and my favorite course, Innovation Creativity and Design as an adjunct professor at the University of Phoenix. I was also selected as an SME on the instructional design team that developed courses for the Green Business Minor at Phoenix.  In addition to the doctorate, I  earned an MBA in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix in the early 2000’s.  I am the coFounder of Outcome.Digital a brand focused podcast and the marketing director for smooth jazz recording artist Jim Samuel.  My ongoing practice ensures my courses contain real-life content.  In 2013 I was selected as a speaker and contributor to the Blanchard Leadership Livecast: Doing Still More with Less (

Prior to becoming a full-time educator I worked at the Walt Disney Company with the goal of becoming the person who decides which movies should be made; however, Michael Eisner explained that it was his job to decide on movies and other major decisions so I just dug into a Disney leadership career that took me from operations management positions to executive and organizational consulting at the highest leadership levels in the Walt Disney enterprise. To satisfy my movie making appetite I began making educational videos at Disney and then founded my own boutique production company, Grid Iron Films™. My films have included sports documentaries, marketing and promotional films, instructional media videos, live-action shorts and music videos.

My consulting practice has focused on strategic change, leadership development, and executive coaching. I have consulted and managed projects affecting organizational norms, structure, and process. With over 25 years of managerial experience in executive and consultant positions, I have led teams and managed project budgets and deliverables in both entrepreneurial as well as organizational business segments. I have also consulted on Business Sustainability Standards (Regulatory and Voluntary Compliance) and on both ISO 14000 and LEEDS implementations and safety and environmental management planning. I have consulted on the implementation of ERP’s, CRM’s, TMS‘, LMS‘ KM (WIMBA virtual classroom, Saba, Disney’s Executive Decision Support software (electronic meeting software), Disney’s Talent Acquisition System and Project Tomorrowland, a SAP ERP implementation. While at Disney, I was recognized with the prestigious lifetime “Partners in Excellence” award.

Past Employers:
The Walt Disney Company
Beautiful Views SE
Service Merchandise Co.
C & H Rauch Jewelers
Best Products Co Inc.

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