DACA And The Other Side Of The Hill… John Reneski EdD

What is on the other side of President Trump’s hill, the side of the hill we can not see. In other words what is his strategy? On the visible side of the hill we have the Immigration battlefield. It is defined by the ubiquitous non-Breitbart media through the use of linguistic framing and the conjoining of the DREAM Act an acronym for Development Relief Education for Alien Minors which is potential legislation that requires Congressional approval and must be signed by the President with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) which was an executive order signed by President Obama. The media uses the term “Dreamers” (as the linguistic frame to address the issue of illegal immigrants defined by these initiatives) to gain public support for these policies.

President Trump recently engaged this battlefield from his modern bully pulpit, Twitter, by saying “Democrats are doing nothing for DACA-just interested in politics. DACA activists and Hispanics will go hard against Dems, will start “falling in love” with Republicans and their President! We are about RESULTS.” Mr. President what do you mean? We are use to seeing a boxer who punches, not one who dances around the ring.

This is a battle for the Country, it is a battle against the invisible government (the deep state and the establishment). In 1928: Edward Bernays the father of modern day public relations wrote that the invisible government acts coordinated without being coordinated. This is how elements of the establishment from both the left and the right work to achieve the same end – amnesty. Illegal aliens are the fuel of the invisible government.

Bernays also wrote that the media is the executive branch of the invisible government and it is the media, the non-Breitbart media, that uses liberation pedagogy and social learning theory to create empathy and sympathy for the Dreamers or as we are use to hearing from the left, “for the children”. The left control the linguistic frame by coining the term “DREAMERS”. The problem is that liberation pedagogy and social learning theory work and the media is relentless with its use to push sympathy for the DREAMERS. Yet the invisible government has gone even further, they have attacked the real dreamers, our children.

PostModernism and critical theory are philosophies that have infiltrated our schools, leading to curriculums that teach the concepts of open borders, and the primacy of human migration, over the need of national sovereignty. Consequently, there is synergy between the media efforts and the public school system. Non-Breitbart media is everywhere, it is available with no out of pocket expense and everyday it gains another DREAMER sympathizer because it is the only message being taught. Consequently, we need to change the frame, the argument and the discussion.

A letter to President Trump

Mr. President we have your back – CHARGE! Build the WALL now!! It is not only practical but it is symbolic. It represents an end to illegal immigration and even more it indicates that as a nation we are following a strategic immigration plan. A plan that strengthens us a nation rather than one that is designed to exploit weaknes and ultimately lead to government collapse as the Clowar-Piven strategy envisions.

On a personal note, as the grandson of immigrants, as a father of five adult Americans (my DREAMERS), I believe immigration is the cornerstone to saving our republic. As a Floridian I lost all faith in Senator Marco Rubio when he joined the Gang of Eight and endorsed “immigration reform” and I only voted to re-elect him in the general election because the alternative, elect a Democrat was not acceptable. When I witnessed curriculum being taught in our schools that was anti-American, and focused on immigration amnesty, I realized this issue is THE ISSUE! Mr. President this is The ISSUE you launched your campaign with, this is theTHE ISSUE that sustained your campaign and Mr. President this is THE ISSUE which will define you Presidency. So now is the time to come over the hill and CHARGE… build the wall, build the wall, build the wall!

Photo Credit: Teddy Roosevelt and Rough Riders charging over Kettle Hill, Santiago, Cuba from https://history.army.mil/documents/spanam/rrids.htm


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